Everything we learn growing up,
between formal education and home,
still leaves us unequipped for the real world.

We help you prepare for life.

What is Lokyatha?

Lokyatha is an education-focused initiative aimed at bringing wider awareness to vital and relevant life skills.

Where does Lokyatha fit in?

Next Gen Education

We believe that it is time for education to evolve into its next generation and focus on the critical life skills that are currently neglected in the curriculum of formal education.

Succeed at work and at home

Our vision is geared towards work-life integration and balancing one's time, energy, and skills to thrive both at work and at home.

This includes Financial, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual goals.

Universally Transferable Skills

Our goal is making people realise the huge overlap and impact between personal and professional skills.

Personal lives are integrated and impact work-life, and vice versa.

'How to Think', NOT 'What to Think'

Our powerhouse team consolidates a range of backgrounds and experiences, to help prepare you to ask the right questions when needed and propel lifelong learning​.

Want to know more about us?