Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘Lokyatha’ mean?


‘Lokyata’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Attainment of a better world’.

We chose it because we believe life skills can truly make a real dent in people’s everyday lives. And we can’t have a better world without a better YOU or a better ME.

Is there a relevance to the Lokyatha logo?


The logo of the mountain symbolizes the journey of life and how it is an up and down process for each of us.

All of us have our own paths and personal struggles, so taking that on is similar to climbing a mountain.

There is no single right way. There is no race.

Each individual has their own strengths, weaknesses and obstacles that will help or block them on their way. 

Are you against the educational system? Are they all wrong?


Definitely not. We are certainly not against the formal education system. The system consists of very hard working individuals and groups of people who put in a lot of effort and pride towards helping our kids get to a better place in life. The formal education system is a powerful force to deliver structured offline messaging and knowledge distribution that is unparalleled. 

Unfortunately, the system that we know and see today was built on principles and frameworks that are less relevant for the time we live in. Also, the idea that grades and marks are the sole judge of future success has become systemic. Finally, the imbalance of power and incentives amongst the various stakeholders has led to a system that very often misses the plot. 

So while we do not condemn the system, the curriculum, the methods of teaching and evaluation (both teachers and students), the submissive mindset those environments foster, and of course the lack of life skills preparation are what we are here to call out in a constructive way.

P.S. When we describe the education system, we are not just referring to kids and academics; parents also needed to take active responsibility.

What is Lokyatha’s target demographic? 


Our core target audience is young adults - individuals in the 18 - 30 age group. Our content, messaging and channels are all driven towards that segment.

However, we have observed a secondary audience in the ages of 40+ that appeals to our mission because this is something they feel they missed out on and would like to introduce to their kids who are typically teenagers or below.

We try to keep our tone and language relatable yet appealing to both because success in life has no age limit. 

Are you working with schools / colleges / boards? 


At this stage, we are not working directly with any formal institutions. Most formal entities are governed by boards and committees whose stakeholders are heavily reliant on old models and structured syllabus.

In addition, willingness to change is not ripe because most of society are driven by the ideology that marks and grades directly enable success. That is why we are focused on aiming direct to audience to eliminate the traditional barriers that exist.

What can I do to help? 


By being here, you have done a lot already. So thank you!

But beyond this - Check out our blog and our available resources. Join the waitlist for our upcoming courses. Join our subscriber list and follow us on social media.

Spread the word and talk about the intent of Lokyatha with the people around you. Even if you don’t want to talk about Lokyatha, talk about the mission we are on.

Life skills can set you apart and propel you towards your unique definition of success.

This mission is not just ours, you are a part of the mission. Be a part of the movement to help people live better lives. 

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